Finding Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a subject I’ve really become interested in lately and have found to be a positive influence on the outlook I have on life, so I thought it might be worth writing a little post on it – and who knows, it might inspire someone just as it’s inspired me!

Now, my understanding of mindfulness may be completely different to how someone else chooses to interpret it, but that isn’t to say that either are right or wrong; I think everyone brings their own life experiences to the table in anything they learn, so no two people will ever have the exact same outlook on the same topic. Mindfulness is no exception in this case, so I’m going to talk about it in the way I know in the hope that people may be able to relate!

For me, mindfulness is a very simple concept that merely involves a positive change of perspective on the thoughts, decisions and way we perceive everything going on around us. I believe it’s about being content and finding the ability to be happy in ourselves and see the good in all experiences we go through. Having adopted this outlook myself, I can honestly say I am a much happier person for it! I enjoy my life and live it the way I want to because I know I’m the only one responsible for it, and I have no regrets because I know that everything I have done up until this point has contributed to where I am now and who I am, and that’s a pretty good place to be as far as I’m concerned.

Finding mindfulness

Of course I’m not always this easily pleased – I have frequent moments where I let the bad outweigh the good and get hung up on insignificant things, but then I just remind myself that it’s just a matter of trying to change the way I view the problem and look at the bigger picture, and then those little things don’t seem to be as important anymore. Of course this isn’t always the case – shit happens and life can be a bitch, but it’s what we take from these experiences that helps us to appreciate what else we have and develop into the people we become.

All a little deep and heavy, but I find it such a shame when I see the people in my life getting bogged down with unnecessary stress and worry that gets in the way of their happiness. We’re all fortunate in our own little ways, we just have to remind ourselves to take a step back every now and then to appreciate them amongst all the dross.

Finding mindfulnessThere are various ways to find mindfulness – all specific to each person – but here are a few ways I learn to enjoy the little things and smell the roses, as they say. My own little forms of therapy that I make myself find time for, no matter how busy life can get:

  • Running – despite being awful at it, running gives me a clear head and makes me feel pretty good about myself (also, it helps counteract all the eating I do)
  • Walking – nothing beats a long weekend walk with some nice scenery. It’s also 100% better than public transport and 110% more hygienic
  • Reading – when life gets a little too much a book can offer a brief escape, provide perspective or even offer advice
  • Crafting – not one for everyone, but I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with creating something out of nothing! Favourites include knitting, drawing and card-making
  • Writing/blogging – again, it’s the act of creating something and being productive that really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something in my spare time. I always find I go to bed feeling content after writing something worthwhile
  • Keeping a journal – a very private ritual that allows me to process everything and just have a moment with my own thoughts – it’s probably when my best moments of clarity actually occur
  • Noting the little things – at the end of every day I try to write down three things I’m grateful for. I highly recommend everyone does this as it’s extremely rewarding
  • Spending time with loved ones – a classic, but probably the one with the biggest reward

Finding mindfulnessHopefully sense can be made out of my ramblings, and if anyone wants to share their own ways for achieving mindfulness it’d be great to know!


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