Making Macaroons!

A few months back my sister Sarah sent me a Living Social link to a great deal on a macaroon making class – at only £24 for a 3 hour session it was hard to say no!

Making macaroons

As there were a selection of dates and different venues available it took a while to get a time in the diary that worked for both of us, but at the weekend we were finally able to have a lovely home visit from the wonderful JoJo at Flammen & Citronen and it was fantastic! As a person who repels anything involving an oven, it’s safe to say I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was such a great way to spend a Saturday – especially as it was pouring down with rain all day.

Making macaroons
When the session started I was expecting JoJo to pull out all sorts of tools and gadgets that we’d need to pull off such fancy treats, but with the exception of piping bags, I’m pretty sure everything we used could be found in the majority of kitchens (even mine!). Even the ingredients used were pretty standard, and the whole process was so easy and fun – made even more enjoyable by JoJo who really made the whole thing with her bubbly energy and baking stories.

My sister was really in her element, finally having someone to show off her (ahem) impressive collection of tools and decorative bits, much to JoJo’s delight, while I sat in the corner licking the mixture off the spoon…

making macaroons

In the end we had a gorgeous collection of macaroons which were SO tasty and made me rather popular at work. A great way to spend a rainy day or if you’re looking for something a little different and girly at a party – and there are lots of other things to be made if you have a look at their website. Thank you again to the lovely JoJo for a fab afternoon!

making macaroons



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