Stephen’s Story: The Best Use of Social Media

It seems that every day there are more and more issues arising over our dear old social media – it’s making us anti-social, teenagers are being subjected to cyber bullying, trolls are having their wicked way with our Twitter profiles and Facebook is starting to be labelled as, dare I say it, “uncool” by the masses.

But once in a while there emerges a silver lining that makes you realise just how incredible the power of social media can be, and reminds us just how ridiculous the negative ‘issues’ really are. One such story that has recently caught my eye, along with the millions of others throughout the country, is Stephen’s Story. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Stephen, he was a wonderfully brave teenager diagnosed with terminal cancer and has since undergone a mission to raise £1million for the cancer charity the Teenage Cancer Trust, which has now reached a whopping £4,330,100.00 through his active participation in sharing his story on social media and gathering daily donations.

Stephen shared his experience with millions through his Facebook page Stephen’s Story, which currently has 1,352,075 likes and continues to grow. Through this many people have been able to get to know this courageous young man and support him in a mission very close to his, and many other peoples’, hearts.

The world has lost an extraordinary young man, but he will forever be immortalised in the legacy he has left.

I wanted to share Stephen’s Story as an amazing example of how social media is a platform – similar to blogs, websites or even established publications – that allows us to practice freedom of speech. In Stephen’s case, he used it in a beautiful way that will have a significant impact on a lot of peoples’ lives. Unfortunately there are still cases of such freedom of speech being abused by individuals, but when there are people like Stephen in the world I only hope this has the ability to overshadow the negatives that exist.

You can continue to donate in Stephen’s name by visiting his Just Giving page, and I encourage you to do so.


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