The (Awkward) First Post

I’ve been planning on starting up a blog for the past four years, but every time I arrive at the point of putting finger to keyboard I’m presented with the following dilemmas time and time again:

a) What would I write about?

b) Who actually cares about what I have to say?

c) If I have a blog, does that make me a “blogger”? I sincerely hope not.

Despite these concerns, I have taken the plunge and entered into the blogosphere (awful, awful word) and have come up with the following solutions:

a) I will write about the things I like writing about

b) Probably not a lot of people. However, a select few appear to appreciate my Twitter ramblings, so I’m going to interpret this as an encouragement. You only have yourselves to blame

c) If anyone refers to me as a “blogger” at any point, I cannot be responsible for the consequences of such actions.

I think that’s all that a first post requires. It doesn’t entertain, educate or inform in any way, and it most certainly doesn’t give any hint as to what my blog is about, but at least now you have a reason to come back. Or not…

I think Tom Waits sums it up pretty well:



6 responses to “The (Awkward) First Post

  1. Hey do keep posting. I have a feeling your posts are going to be funny with some practical takeaways. And yes don’t need to put too much thought about what your going to write. Just write about anything you find interesting. Who knows, somewhere down the line, you might be a best selling author. 🙂

    • What a great first comment to have! Thanks for the advice, I’m going to take this as a sign to continue in my blogging endeavours. If I do become that best selling author one day, I will credit your comment!

  2. It’s the nice thoughts and things to share that can help make life more interesting for others. To share positive images and writing, can only make this world a better place! To write and share makes you immortal in the digital world, as it will still be there long after we have all moved on. Keep writing, keep sharing!

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